china Gym Machine

This website is totally free as a procurement guidelines of commercial gym equipment from China.


Strength Training Machine

Heavy duty muscle training equipment for Commercial purpose, smith machine, single station, selectorized and plate loaded gym machine.

Aerobic exercise Equipment

Aerobic exercise Equipment

AC Motorized Treadmill , Lesmill, Skillmill, Skatemill, Curved treadmill, Spinning / Exercise bike, Elliptical Cross Trainer, climb upstair / machine, and other cardio fitness equipment.

Group Training Crossfit Racks and Synrgy team exercise machine

Group Training

Multi-function Stations, Crossfit facilities, etc.

Fitness accessories dumbbells, kettlebells, weight plate, gym flooring, yoga mat

Fitness accessories

Dumbbells, kettlebells, Weight Stack, Plates, Gym Flooring Mat, etc.

replacement parts of gym machine


replacement parts of gym equipment, like steel cable, pulley, plastic parts etc.


Fitness equipment manufacturers factories in China

Manufacturers of fitness equipment in China will offer nice price and fastest delivery time.

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China gym equipment reseller distributors

Distributors of gym machine engaging in oversea market, they familar with international business steps and offer huge various bodybuilding products from different factories;


  1. Low price, just 15% of the USA, EUR suppliers;

  2. Giant categories / styles available;

  3. High customizability, from frame color to upholstery, shroud shape, pulley types, handgrip materials, all details;

  4. Better and better quality;


  1. Unblieveable quality from part of suppliers;

  2. Aftersale cost high once found quality defect;

  3. Exchange rate risk;

  4. Long delivery time, 2 months at least from the date pay prepayment to the date get goods.


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